AGH! Too busy to blog…

OK, so as soon as this analytical paper writes itself, and sufficient grading and lesson planning takes place, I promise I will be posting two things:

1) A full review of the 10/31/10 Atlantic City Phish show
2) A full redux/review of the national AMS conference in Indianapolis

Until then, back to the books. I understand now why bloggers end up just giving up…but fear not, my ten or so dedicated readers! I’ll be back, very soon. It’s taking tremendous restraint to actually do this other stuff and not “procrastinate” by crafting eloquent blog postings.

In the meantime, some treats from both of the soon-to-be-commented-on events:

1) The exquisite Gotta Jibboo from the third set of 10/31/10

2) The track “Beethoven” by the hyphy hip-hop group Soulja Boyz. Really, guys, change the name. There’s no way you’ll ever make it with that name. It’s like a rock band trying to call themselves “The Beetles.”

And this song has been in my head all weekend (as my AMS roommates can attest, since it’s in their heads now too):

I’m working really hard to find a recording of this song. Hopefully by the time I blog about it, you’ll all get to hear “Beethoven Was Black.”


~ by Jake on November 8, 2010.

2 Responses to “AGH! Too busy to blog…”

  1. Wow, love what the bass line is doing in “Beethoven was Black” And the tune, it sure beats the Turkish Rondo versions I had to hear my brother practice over and over and over (I ain’t never held a grand in my hand either, for what it’s worth!)

    Don’t let the procrastination monster keep you from reading, your blog is awesome!

    • Yeah, I love those “hyphy” Oakland hip-hop groups. They do some really cool stuff, a student actually turned me on to some of those groups a few years ago. The sound quality during Broyles’s presentation was so bad that you couldn’t really hear much of these songs other than the melodies. I’m working real hard to get a copy of the “Beethoven Was Black” song by Club Risque. That will make my day/night/week/month.

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