Breaking the Silence

And a Happy New Year to you too!

Mostly, I didn’t want to go a full year without posting anything on here. But I’ve been inspired by a recent rush of new Twitter followers (thanks @TheBabysMouth!) to get my blogging act together. Coming up soon – a few new posts on what constitutes a “song” in the live Phish experience, some retrospective reviews of my favorite Phish 2012 jams (since the last time I posted, there hadn’t yet BEEN any 2012 shows!), reviews of some classical music concerts, and the long (really long)-awaited sequel(s) to my article on the evolution of the cow funk.

Part of the reason for my extensive  blog silence over the past year (other than that whole dissertation thing, y’know…) is that up until October 2012, I was writing at least once a week for the excellent music website, Consequence of Sound. I’ve included a new link in the menu along the top of the page to all the content I wrote for them – lots of album reviews, a few live reviews, and one really long, pretty awesome summary of Pink Floyd’s albums. The live reviews are classical and rock, the album reviews mostly indie rock stuff, but I’m proud of all of it. I’d still be writing for them if it weren’t for that looming dissertation thing…

Finally, check out this great new site of Phish essays: Please Me Have No Regrets. The dudes over there are doing some cool stuff, it’s now on my blogroll. I’ll be writing some thoughts on their latest essay, about what they call Phish’s “Cubist” era, shortly.

Here’s to a more active Smooth Atonal Sound in 2013! I shouldn’t have took more than I gave. And for a little music, here’s my blog’s namesake tune from 12/28/12, closing the first set in the holiday spirit with a HUGE version including Little Drummer Boy interpolated within:


~ by Jake on January 28, 2013.

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