Promises promises

Yeah, so I’ve been a pretty negligent blog owner.

I wrote about how sad a lonely blog is last year, during the “ramp up” time of the semester, but this is just silly. I’ve been deadbeat dad negligent. In part, this is because my other blogging job, generating awesome copy for Consequence of Sound, has been rather time consuming, at least when it comes to my internet writing time. As we’re approaching the one year anniversary of Smooth Atonal Sound (wow), I think it’s time I make some promises, promises.

First off, at the end of this post, I’ll put up a bunch of links to my recent Consequence of Sound articles, including my awesome coverage of Super Ball IX. “Awesome?” you say? Yep. A big part of that goes to my editors and the layout guys over there, who made my cracked out day-after-the-festival writing look so good, and to my mother-in-law, who gave me her DSLR camera for the weekend so that I could get some amazing shots of Trey, Mike, Fish, Page, and about 35,000 hippies rocking out for the fourth of July.

Second, I’ve got a few Phish posts in the draft mill that are coming up. I’ve got something on what constitutes a song, in an abstract and a very real way, in Phish’s universe and setlists. I’ve got episode two of my biggest Phish writing project that I’ve undertaken, which is tracking the evolution of THE FUNK over the three years from 1995-1997. Episode one is here. And I’ll probably do a review of Phish’s first night at Denver, 9/2/11, which I’ll be watching on #couchtour.

Third, I want to start posting about non-rock, non-Phish musicological issues. As I’m studying for my comps this fall, I want to use this blog as a space to jot some thoughts at the end of a day of studying. Hopefully, this will be a way for me to both coalesce a day’s worth of studying thoughts, and also a way to keep myself on track, since if I have a blog to write, I’ll force myself to study! Or at least, that’s how it will work in theory.

And finally, as a 1 year birthday present to my blog, I’m changing the layout of the site. The grey-on-black has worked for me, but it’s a generic (albeit cool) WordPress blog theme. I’m going to be making things a little sexier, a little more streamlined, a bit more professional looking. And make it easier to read. For starters, you can now just go to to access the site. Which is cool.

Consequence of Sound links:

Go Mordecai!

~ by Jake on September 2, 2011.

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