My Interview with So Percussion

Interview: So Percussion.

Last Wednesday, over coffee and the inconvenient sound of construction at a cafe, I sat down with 3 of the 4 guys from So Percussion – Josh Quillen, Eric Beach, and Jason Treuting – and we talked for about an hour about their upcoming show TONIGHT at the Ecstatic Music Festival. The conversation was fascinating, and went to a lot of different places: we discussed the pieces and what it’s like to work with Bobby Previte; we talked about these pieces being called “concertos”; and the baggage that comes along with playing “classical” percussion ensemble music (note: chimes and roto-toms are kitschy). Then we moved on to talk about how the stalwarts of the percussion repertoire, Cage, Varese, and the minimalists, impact what So Percussion does and how they relate to music. And we got to talk about the 10 minutes of soda bottle draining at the Dan Deacon show. Check it out, and come to the show tonight if you can – they are so pumped to be playing it and it should be crazy.


~ by Jake on March 28, 2011.

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