So I started a blog…

I’ve had it in mind to start a blog for a while. My wife mentioned it a while ago, something like: “maybe you should start a food blog…” While I love food, I seem to be doing a lot more of the cook-it-at-home or get-it-real-cheap type these days, and besides, there are hundreds of amazing food blogs out there.

No, I figured I’d go ahead and blog about something that is even nearer and dearer to my heart than food: music. I make a living out of it, technically (at least, talking, teaching, and hopefully/eventually writing about it). It’s both my vocation and my avocation. I’m a musicologist by trade, a huge fan of seeing live modern “classical” music, a Phishhead, an Ives-head (yes, I’ve flown out of state to attend an Ives concert), a Deadhead, someone who is obsessed with the late Beethoven string quartets, and a general fan of anything musically interesting (Gaga).

I didn’t want this to be like the many other amazing musicology blogs out there, or like the Phish blogs, or the Dead blogs, or the blogs of those who review classical music (there will be blogrolls created shortly with links to many of them…). I wanted this to be my outlet for thoughts on music and reviews of music I see live across the often impenetrable walls of genre. This will be a cross-genre blog in the sense that it will juxtapose Phish with Saariaho, the Dead with Ives (Phil Lesh’s favorite composer), Beethoven symphonies with Adams operas, with some hip-hop, electronica, folk, country, bluegrass, and blues thrown in, all with traces of academia on the nose. Sure, I could narrow my focus down to one thing, but that’s not me or the type of musical consumer I am. Hopefully, you as a reader will get exposed to something you didn’t know about, or didn’t know you liked. Or you’ll just click on the “Phish” tag and make all the classical stuff disappear. But my hope is that you’ll see something you didn’t know about, you’ll try it, and you’ll like it.


~ by Jake on September 24, 2010.

2 Responses to “So I started a blog…”

  1. Hip Hop Hurray!

  2. Bravo! What a wonderful creative outlet for you and an opportunity to write in a non-academic way that makes the technical side of what you do understandable by mere jamokes like me. Love you and the blog. Keep at it!


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